FUOX 210 P

The non-electronic pellet stove is here: FUOX 210 P


FUOX 210 P

Are you looking for a stove that allows you to heat large spaces, but you don’t have anywhere to store wood?

Are you looking for a stove with a customisable finish that perfectly matches the style of your house?

Would you like a pellet stove without giving up the magic of a beautiful flame?

Are you looking for a pellet stove, but don’t have much faith in the electronic versions?

You’ve come to the right place!

FUOX 210 P is a pellet masonry heater stove designed to heat large spaces, with the comfort and convenience of pellets and without electronics.

FUOX 210 P is different

FUOX 210 P

heats for 24 hours continuously, with only two loads of pellets per day

You won’t need to continually put wood in your stove, in fact, the heat storage technology enables the stove to continue to heat for many hours after the flame has gone out.


FUOX 210 P is a pellet masonry heater stove built with innovative materials, produced by ourselves, such as “Memolite”, designed to combine your desire for comfort and savings.


FUOX 210 P is a pellet masonry heater stove that releases heat through radiation, just like the sun.

It has no annoying fans that move air, dust and mites.

It allows you to save up to 50% on natural gas heating.

Only two loads of pellets a day are enough for 24 hours of continuous heat.

It can be customised with over 4,000 combinations of colours and materials, to have a stove with the design that best suits your tastes and your home.

Choosing FUOX means entrusting your investment to a company that is unique in its sector. Why?

  • We only use innovative and unique materials that are patented by us. MEMOLITE is our exclusive product, designed to guarantee very high yields with minimum overall dimensions.
  • We use only safe and CE certified materials for the maximum safety of your home and your family.
  • We are by your side for all the phases of the project: from the idea to the fulfilment of the relevant fiscal and bureaucratic obligations.
  • We’ll deal with your new pellet masonry heater stove from its inception. We will design it according to your needs, build it from scratch in our laboratory and it will always be us who will install it in your home.
  • We respect the environment. Our stoves guarantee emission values comparable to the 5 STARS of the “Clean Air” certification of industrial stoves. Therefore, you can enjoy your stove all the time, even during blocks on biomass installations.

In summary, what concrete advantages will you benefit from by investing in a FUOX 210 P pellet masonry heater stove.


You only have to deal with cleaning your stove once a week and its maintenance check only once every 5 years.


For 24 hours by loading pellets in the stove only twice a day.


NO mechanical FAN that moves air, mites and dust. We guarantee you a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.


The release of the heat remains constant and uniform over time.


With this high-efficiency heat storage system made using our patented materials, you can save up to 50% of your heating costs every year. The initial investment for your new pellet masonry heater stove pays for itself in a few years but allows you to enjoy unmatched comfort straight away.



You can customise the look of your new FUOX 210 P with over 4,000 combinations of casings and high-end materials to choose from.



Our high-performance combustion system enables you to save up to 50% on wood compared to the steel stoves that you find on the market.



Ease of use is the mainstay of our technological research. Our products are intended to help and improve the quality of everyday life. Simplicity is also a key in installation: this results in less mess and less labour costs.



The renovation bonus means that your investment will be even smaller. With our pellet masonry heater stoves, you have access to tax deductions of 50% of the entire amount over 10 years.


Therefore, we guarantee all the parts that we make for 10 years.